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(well, those are some of my hero's, there are many more and will be added to my list as time goes on).

Where are the hero's of today that have this
kind of passion, integrity, and backbone?

We miss you Mr. Red Skelton ♥


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Dennis has a 100% positive voting record on animal

and environmental issues.

He has been vegan for 12 years.

He and his wife have adopted 3 rescue dogs.

He walks his talk.

He is a man of integrity, courage and compassion.

His is the true clean money campaign -

no corporate contributions are accepted.

A candidacy for the people, supported by the people.


As a necessary component of the living world,

we must extend compassion to one another and

to every living thing.

Our mission as human beings can truly be to elevate
this world from a condition of suffering and cruelty
to the planet's creatures,

and towards a condition of compassion

and inherent respect.

Through elevating the cause of every creature,

we elevate our own humanity.

We lift up the cause of humanity by reaching out

and connecting with all things living.

It is our sense of interconnection

with all living things that brings us to

respect the rights of animals;

to understand that animals are not to be "lower than";

that animals should not have less of a claim to existence,

less of a claim to the possibility of survival,

less of a claim to dignity.

Every one of us knows a story of animal cruelty;

every one of us knows how in one way or another

official policies have sanctioned cruelty to animals.
I am working to put compassion into action in our

policies with respect to animals in this country,

and to have America set a higher standard,

not only for this country, but for the world;

to make sure that all of God's creatures,

that all animals

are given a chance to have dignity in our society

and are given a chance to experience the appreciation

they should have as living beings.

I would include advocacy of animal rights in the

which I have already proposed to Congress.

This cabinet-level department would work with,

and offer an alternative to, the Defense Department.

There have been numerous studies that have suggested

a link between animal cruelty and domestic violence.
The DEPARTMENT OF PEACE would not only seek to resolve
international conflicts with nonviolent means,

but also seek to instill a peaceful paradigm

into the hearts of all the people of the world,

so that one day war will be an archaic relic

of a time that has passed.

My farm policy favors independent and family-owned farms.

I support a national ban on

packer ownership of livestock,

and numerous new incentives for farmers

to convert to sustainable and organic farming

and ranching techniques.

The vision of the meat that we consume coming from
happy and healthy free-range animals can become

more of a reality,

as opposed to the inhumane conditions that the often
mutated chickens, cows and pigs are forced to sustain
in our current system.

As a member of Congress, I have cosponsored every
piece of major animal protection legislation.

In addition, I hold the distinction of being

the only VEGAN in Congress.

I made this lifestyle change many years ago,

because I consider all life on our Earth to be sacred.

As a vegan, I choose not to eat any animals

or animal products.

I strive to live my life in accordance

with my convictions,

and any other choice of diet would defy my ideals and,
in my judgment, be hypocritical.~

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I LOVE this man!

Parade Magazine featured the Top Cops of 2007

and Jacob was an honorable mention.

He's tops in my book!

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Working undercover as an individual seeking to
purchase a pit bull for dog-fighting,

Louisiana State Trooper Jacob Dickinson

used confidential informants and

animal protection groups

to build a case leading to the arrest of a notorious
breeder/trainer of fighting dogs in the United States.
Fifty-nine dogs were seized and the suspect is
awaiting trial in January on

sixty-four counts of dogfighting.

Trooper Dickinson said it was an underground sport

but basically wide open on the Internet.

HBO went along with him in one case,

following the publicity over Michael Vick.

“I was on Real Sports, with Bryant Gumbel,” he said.
"The newest thing now is putting two pitbulls

in with a hog and betting which one will kill the pig."~

To read more about Jacob and the others,

go to


~ Easter Sunrise Service, 2008 ~

I just have to share this with ya’ll....

I didn’t have my camera with me that day, but ooooh how i wish i had!

This painting is as close to what happened as i can find.


Easter Sunday, Boss and i decided to attend Sunrise Service at his church.
God has been good to us both, we wanted to honor Him by going.
We were up very late the night before, so it was a bit painful and hard to get up at 5 a.m. that morning. 

We arrived at the church just before 7 a.m. and it was still pitch black out,
except for the full moon over the church roof.

Deliciously anticipating worship and loving fellowship with Jesus,   
we hurried inside and sat at the end of a long pew,
so Boss’s oxygen tank could sit in the aisle beside him.
The service started.

We sang, we listened, we prayed, we sang some more.

All the while i’m discreetly looking around at all the people there.
After some time i wondered when we’d be going outside for the sunrise.

After all, this WAS sunrise service.

In years past we’d sit outside on folding chairs waiting for the sun
to rise as the service was being held.
Last year, we went outside and stood around for a while, then came back inside.

This church is brand new with massive windows on the 
north/south sides to our left and right.
We sat facing west. 
As the darkness outside lightened up to 
a gloomy gray, i couldn’t help wondering
why in the world we were sitting facing WEST, 
for a sunrise service, 
when we all know the sun rises in the EAST! Behind us!

I was beginning to feel ripped off, thinking if this is it, 
then we could have waited for the 11 o’clock service 
and slept for a few more hours!
I could tell the sun was coming up by the gray lightness 
outside the massive windows.

Time for Communion. 
I watched as dozens of people went and came 
walking back holding their hands clasped together waisthigh. 
Each and every one of them. 
The only ones who didn’t were either walking with a cane in 
one hand or holding the hand of a small child.
I was amazed to see person after person all come walking back 
with their hands clasped this way, and with the sweetest expression 
on their faces. 
It really touched me softly.  

As everyone was seated, i looked up at the pulpit.
There’s a long life-size wooden cross with Jesus on it just
behind the clergy. There was a faint amber-gold glow in the pulpit.
I watched as it grew somewhat brighter.
I nudged Boss and pointed to it. His eyes got huge and his jaw dropped.
We watched it as it grew brighter and brighter.
It was only shining on the cross with the glow all around it
just inside the pulpit.
I craned my neck every way i could trying to figure out what it was,
to see if maybe it was the sun shining in one of the windows,
but it was still gray outside.
It continued to grow beautifully brighter and brighter, as i thought
oh surely the clergy had rigged up some light to shine on the cross
for dramatic effect for Easter.
I almost felt like shouting to everyone else to LOOK!
But i thought surely they all saw it too.
We sang one last long song that had a steady refrain of "He has Risen" in it.
Every time we came to that part, the shadow of the cross kept moving
upwards on the wall behind it!  
As we sang the last verse, the shadow moved right up into the top of the wall
and disappeared, yet the brilliant golden glow was still just as radiant around the cross.
Boss and i couldn’t believe what we were seeing. 
It was beautiful beyond words and we were totally awestruck by it.

As we finished singing and everyone started to leave,
i rushed in front of the pulpit,
turned around and saw a fairly large window in the east wall that had
pure warm golden sunshine pouring in thru it, straight to the cross!

The joyfilled feeling it gave me is indescribable.
Suddenly i didn’t feel ripped off by being denied my sunrise service,
for there it was in more beautiful glory than anything i’d ever seen
and would have missed if we’d been outside merely watching the sunrise.

Walking out to our truck, we spoke with a lady walking beside us, 
and when we mentioned the glow on the cross,
she said she didn’t notice it!! 
Boss and i wondered how in the world could 
anyone MISS it??!! 

Was that magestic glow just the rays of the 
morning sun rising...
or the rays of the Son’s spirit rising to 
lovingly greet us?

I guess only Heaven knows for sure...



~ The Perfect Gift ~

~ Give Thanks ~

~ Press One ~

~ Best pair of overalls EVER! ~

I spent two days cleaning/ purging/ raking/ setting up shelters for
the animls in preparation for winters freeze.
Every time I squatted or bent my knees, the knees in my overalls
would rip open bigger & bigger.
Sad to say, but I guess it's time for a new pair. (Hey Santa!)

~ The Shoplifting Scene ~

This is brilliant! Enjoy!

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