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~ I BELIEVE ... and other tidbits you always wanted to know ~


I believe in miracles, answered prayer, dreams come true and that honesty is the best policy.

I believe in and live by the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, and the slogan "I'll try anything once so long as it's not illegal, immoral or fattening".

I believe babies and animals understand every word we say to them, and I've discovered they all like being called "baby", and older people all like being called 'young man/woman'.

I have seen angels.
I collect Angels, ceramic frogs, ceramic & poster kissers.

I'm a vegan, because I can't eat anything that runs from me in fear, loves its younguns, and grieves over their dead as we do.

I've been told I snore occasionally.

I'm very nearsighted and wear one disposable contact lens in my right eye.

I'm an extremely safe driver- only 3 minor speeding tickets, in 40 years on the road.
However, I've been a passenger in 5 car wrecks, each car was driven by a male member of my family and each car had red interior.
Needless to say, I have a phobia about red interiors and will not ride in or drive a vehicle with red inside.
I'm not too crazy about red exteriors either.
One of those wrecks left me with two steel rods holding my jaw together and a permanently crooked smile.

I was an AirForce Brat, born in Middle Georgia and partly raised here; and  in
Miles City, Montana; in Anchorage, Alaska; in Panama City, Florida; and have lived in Killen, Texas; in Riverside, California; but I like Georgia best.

I have a PhD in Clutter-Control...i have it Piledhigh&Deep.
I can be a bit of a slob sometimes, with piles in every room, especially of books & papers since I'm extremely cerebral.
But my closet is organized & maintained with precision. All my hangers are identical, white with swivel hooks, and I painted the entire closet white.
And i keep the inside of my truck immaculate.
The outside of it is hopeless. Living on a dirt road, it stays either dusty/dirty/muddy.

As a teenager, my family & I would go behind the pecan pickers, scratching the earth to pick up the pecans they left behind. We sold them to earn our Christmas spending money. Hard work, but a memorable family tradition.

There are 9 of us kids, in 3 sets of 3.
Mom & Dad had 2 boys, then me.
When I was a baby, they divorced and married other spouses, each having 3 more children.
I've never been in a room with all 8 of my siblings, and never will.
My Dad, step-dad, one sister, & one cousin died from cancer, while one brother died from heart attack.
Everyone else is hale & hearty, except we have the genetic type of cholesterol problems.
Even with me being a vegan/vegetarian. Bummer.

With my eyes crossed, i can move one at a time.
Grosses everyone out who see's it.

I can whistle and hum at the same time.
Sometimes I whistle while I work.

As a young child, I wanted to be a ballerina, then as I got older I wanted to be a singer, then as a teenager, I wanted to become an airline stewardess.
I didn't do any of these things.

If I won the really big mega-millions, the first thing I'd do is set aside my tithe.
Then I'd buy a luxury RV, travel all the state parks in the USA, and explore every nook & crannie of Georgia.
I'd find the best plastic surgeons to rebuild my sagging face & body. And I'd use part of my tithe to help accident victims have reconstructive surgery on their faces.
I'd make a list of every person who's ever helped me along my life path and reward them.
I'd keep up with the news and whenever a genuine need came up, I'd be an anonymous benefactor.
I'd build animal santuaries and hire elderly workers to run them.
I'd build a leadership school for white girls just like Oprah did for the South African girls.
I'd take singing & acting lessons just for fun.

I have a mysterious mark on my left wrist I'd like to have explained to me.

I read everything i can get my hands on, mostly non-fiction & rarely finish completely a book, unless it's library books. Undisturbed, I can read 5 in an all-nighter. I normally sleep with a good book next to my pillow, and a lamp on. When i wake in the night, i read a couple of pages.
Best sleeping pill in the world.
My passion is How To Get Organized books.
I think i've read 99% of all thats ever been written on the subject and get teased by the librarian that it's time for me to write one.
I'm well known at all the local libraries.

I've studied food & nutrition all my life since being told I'm a borderline diabetic.
But i absolutely despise trying to count calories.
A balanced diet to me is chocolate in both hands.
I only have a kitchen because it came with the house.
I don't skinny-dip, i chunky-dunk.

Numbers are quickly becoming a foreign language to me.
I worked with numbers all my life in my jobs, so this is a new & frightening development.

To me, knitting is a foreign language with the hands, needless to say, i don't speak it.

I simply can't save up any $, but I sure spend what $ i have wisely, sniffing out the best bargains.

I have severe ringing in my ears - like static on late nite TV after a station has gone off the air. I can hear the sound of voices, but can't make out what they are saying.

I'm slow.
I talk slow, walk slow, chew slow, drive slow. The posted speed-limit is just fine with me.
I have the classic endurance of a tortoise.
I hate rush-rush-rushy. It causes accidents, mistakes, fatigue, and ulcers, none of which i need.
I have the 'Patience of Job', unless stress is coming at me from every direction, then I tend to disintegrate.

I adore cooking for someone who eats it, making a 'Happy Plate', but i absolutely despise to cook for picky eaters.
And the chore i hate worse than anything in the world is ... grrrrrrr... washing dishes.

Whenever someone in the house is cranky- i bake cupcakes! The aroma always soothes the savage beast.

I'm mechanically inclined- i screw up everything!

I know that good judgement comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgement.

I love
full-moon nights,
the freshness of early morning,
a sweet breeze on my face & shoulders,
the wind playing with my hair,
rain in my hair which makes it super soft,
taking my dogs bye-bye in my truck (God Bless their precious hearts),
personal pan veggie pizzas minus cheese
& with extra marinara sauce on the side for dipping,
spring, autumn, winter, summer .. in that order,
white cotton arch-support socks,
freshly clean bed linens,
the smell of cut grass,
cutting the lawn with riding mower,
white-painted furniture,
pastel walls,
napping in front of a very sunny window,
my 80 lb dog napping on my feet,


I hate
dog-days-of-summer (brutal humidity),
violence of any kind,
mosquitos & gnats,
sleeping in clothes of any kind,
waking up,
wasting time eating & sleeping,
unvacuumed/unswept floors,
romance .. the whole walking on a beach holding hands/ candlelight suppers
kind of crap,

give me a man who washes his hands, brushes his teeth,
not afraid to get dirty & work hard/but cleans himself up afterward,
a man who will spend his free time helping others no matter 
how hard he has to work,
a man who is moved by the beauty of nature,
a man who doesn't litter,
a man who is broad at shoulders/narrow at hip and moves like a
a powerful stealthy tiger,
a twinkle in his eyes and white healthy teeth,
who can make me laugh/understands my humor/has a wonderful sound of laughter,
who likes to dance anywhere & everywhere but especially on the backporch
after dark,
likes being out in the full moon,
a man who has an excellent relationship with God/prays/
takes his family to church,
a man who can fix anything,
and can keep my truck running,
a good safe driver,
a man gentle enough to take care of his people/
but tough enough to fight to protect them,
a man who is a vegan,
who loves, appreciates & respects animals,
who knows the meaning of unconditional love/ tough love/
and to whom marriage is sacred,
a man who can handle me! : )


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