Anything and everything that 'rings my Belle'!

~ The Light of the Sky, oh my oh my! ~

Out far from the busy city where dark is dark and all that exists is the light of the sky.

Where the silence is deafening because once you open yourself to all around you, all the sounds of the night come rushing in. Awww the sounds of nature, "the sounds of silence", the sounds of ones own breath, the sound of a heart pounding from exhillaration from the beauty of the night.

The sight of your breath on a brisk night illuminated by the night sky. Perhaps your breath looks like a spiders web against the clear star filled sky.

The Scent of unblemished air.

The touch of the one next to you enjoying the calming beauty around you.

Is it possible to be any closer to God our Creator than this?

Oh My Oh My :)

(ChaChi 2007)

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