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~ HAIKU Poems ~

Master of Haiku,
that is what we will call you,
keep up the good work

daffodils in bloom
and at least two months too soon.
frightful sight to see

taking life and limb
tornadoes tore thru last night
sad cleanup today
(JitterBugBelle) 03/04/07

love is in the air
Mother Earth and Father Time
begat lovechild...'Spring'
(J'belle) 3/23/07

roosters loud crowing
wake me up every morning
the bast_rds
(J'belle) 3/23/07

the world awakens
from winters hibernation
anew with spring bling

I asked if she would
be my 'awful' wedded wife,
she said "yes"; and was
(Ernie Jones)

She tossed me away
like disposable diapers;
the stench of failure
(Ernie Jones)

Butterflies in my
stomach and all I did was
remember your smile
(you're in my space)

A ray of sunlight
peaking through winter's gray skies
gives hope for the spring
(you're in my space)

white winter sky -
under the bare black branches
laughters of children

One silent moment.
Mindful sigh, welcome relief.
Then back to the world.
(Fairy Godmother Designs)

Friday Haiku burns
behind my eyes in ambush,
rising expectation
(Clive Price)

Fog’s misty morning
Reveals a blanket of snow,
Winter’s icy garb

Expressing my love
can’t be told in three small lines,
volumes it would take

A warm summer day
is the warmth that I’m feeling
when she is with me

A relationship
on a placid sea of love,
please do not disturb

Like honeysuckle,
the scent of her sweet perfume
are not forgotten
(Ernie Jones) 2/16/07

Is it simply that
forever is the thin string
connecting us all.
(Seahagg) 2/18/07

In lederhosen
and black satin shirt
yodeling love songs

In the bowels of earth,
gastroenteritis flares
vomiting lava

No whiffs from the oven
no hot griddle on the stove,
missing moms cooking
(Ernie Jones) 3/02/07

The harsh winds of change
Whipping madly through my hair
A new life awaits
(Shelly) 3/02/07

Harbinger of spring
Yellow feathers amidst gray
A molting goldfinch
(Shelly) 03/02/07

It's fall where you are
Here, winter tries to let go
The world's upside down
(Fairy Godmother Designs) 03/02/07

What courage - to make
poetry in the face of
a catastrophe.
(Haiku on Friday) 03/04/07

humid afternoon —
tears join sweat beneath
my bifocal rims
(Janice) 03/04/07

no false agendas
he has nothing up his sleeves
except for his arms
(You're in my space) 03/05/07

Shreds of innocence
sporting her white wedding dress
fooled only her folks

First robin of spring
on the front porch by the door,
a gift from the cat

Gas prices are up
because of corporate greed
early signs of spring
(Ernie) 03/16/07

curtains drawn back wide
allowing the sun to shine
as it warms my heart
(Kelly) 03/16/07

pink grows from brown soil
each day a new star comes out
scents of spring emerge
(Kelly) 03/16/07

a valiant try
as grass tries to poke up through
weight of winter snow
(Mamaluvsmusic) 03/17/07

"Live simply," he said.
"So others may simply live."
Wise words from Gandhi.

The sun is shining
White clouds float in a blue sky
But the air is brown

I'll walk when I can
It's not easy being green
But I like to breathe

Grandfather wind lights
the dark nights for the people
by turning windmills

Myspace is your space
and your space is Myspace, so
we're in the same space.
(Fairy Godmother Designs) 03/17/07

Spring waits in the wings
Behind veiled curtains of rain
Soon its time to dance

Outdoor produce stand
White haired woman and young man
Vegetables in hand
(Savvyology) 03/17/07

A tail on my face
Tiny paws patting my arm
It's time to get up
(You're in my space) 03/17/07

Some people comment
with such sweet detail, it seems
another haiku!
(Haiku on Friday) 03/25/07

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