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~ Stress Test stressing me out ~

Yesterday I was sheduled for a stress test.
I'm telling ya,
just anticipating it was more stress
than I could handle.
So I chickened out and canceled it.
I know, I know, my bad.

A few weeks ago, I had to undergo a CTScan
with iodine contrast.
I'm deathly allergic to iodine.
Have been since the early 1970's.
I've done everything I possibly could
over the years to avoid it,
but still somehow managed to go into
anaphylactic shock a couple of times.

My Doctors know about my allergy
but the xray people still insisted on using iodine
for the CTScan.
They had me take prescan meds to help me keep
from having a reaction.
I STILL had a bad reaction, 
one of the most uncomfortable, 
reactions I've ever had.
And adding to my distress, 
was the fact that my arms 
were tightly wrapped to my body 
with no chance of waving them for help. 
There's supposed to be a microphone in there
so we can communicate with the xray techs,
but the darn machine was clanking so loudly,
I didn't know if they'd be able
to hear my faint cries for help.
I could barely breath, much less cry out!
Just when it felt like I was surely going to die
from a way too fast heartbeat, 
they came and pulled me out.
I survived the ordeal,
but will never let anyone do that to me again.

And now my doctor wants to do a stress test on me??

I DON'T  THINK  SO, thank you very much !!

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